These Men Wrote the History of Canadian Football – John de Gruchy

The Toronto Globe and Mail in 1963 —

I was sifting through some family papers and stumbled across a newspaper article my father had saved from the 60’s about the foundational leaders of Canadian football, one of whom was my great grandfather – John de Gruchy.  What does this have to do with my work and customer engagement?

Directly nothing but indirectly a lot.  John was a man of integrity and commitment. These are characteristics that run in my family.  My father often said “keep busy, have a list”.  Well we are all built that way.  And, we all believe in a world of mutual trust and respect.   The early days of Canadian Football were in a state of flux.  Football could have headed in many directions but because of men and women like John with his strong beliefs in the value of people of all races, cultures and origins Canadian Football went in a good way.

My point here is that leadership sets the tone and direction. Nothing has changed that makes this any less true.  The challenge today is finding leaders of real integrity and real commitment rather than just lip service.  And, the examples we need to follow, are in many respects sitting in our recent past.

So lets’s not forget!John de Gruchy wrote the standard for the Canadian Grid

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