Barbara Canning Brown — Elected Life Member

For her outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the direct marketing industry in canada and the united states.

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Direct Marketing Association, now the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) elects Barbara Canning Brown to LIFE MEMBERSHIP.  Barbara’s efforts to support and grow the direct marketing industry included launching the Canadian Catalogue Council; creating the CDMA ethics committee; launching CDMA mentorship program; launching the CDMA analytics committee with Dave Taylor, Mona Goldstein, Brian Salter and Steven Shaw; launching with Tony Keenan the key strategic Canadian Government initiative to create a “borderless” catalog industry as part of the NAFTA negotiations.  The Board of the CDMA noted that without question Barbara’s contribution to governance has been “the most significant to date”.

John Gustavsen, President of the CDMA, noted at a Strategy Magazine luncheon held by the  Direct Marketing Association of Toronto that ” Barbara has managed to engage the entire industry in her efforts together with her partners in business including Mona Goldstein of Wunderman, Charles de Gruchy of Salter, de Gruchy, and Marilyn Stewart of Ogily and Mather.  We don’t know how to thank her for bringing together such a powerful team!”

Presented to Barbara Canning Brown 1994
Presented to Barbara Canning Brown 1994

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